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Kennedy Ave

Kennedy Ave with Leyah Rose and Co-Star Dante Brattelli and directed by Joe Picariello. Kennedy Ave is a mystery thriller, where teens Jessica and Sam, are tasked to hunt down their missing friend. Kennedy Ave is out now!


The Sonnet Response Series

Leyah was recently a part of the Sonnet Response Series, organized by Shea Donovan. The series began in light of COVID-19 and brings together 154 artists to perform and create Shakespeare's 154 sonnets from their own homes.  Leyah's Sonnet 68 can be seen here. The Sonnet Response Series is currently streaming on Vimeo, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV


Willa Short Film

Leyah is set to appear as WIlla in a new short film also titled WILLA based on Stephen Kings short story by the same name. The project is currently in pre-production and on hold because of COVID-19. 


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